London – Remembrance Day

On November 11 at 11am London stands quiet for 2 minutes, at its heart, Trafalgar Square, in order to remember the service and the sacrifice of all those who lost their lives in the massive wars of the 20th century.

The “Silence in the Square” serves to bring a world-wide community to stand together as witness and to acknowledge their gratitude in a deeply human way, as they quietly float blood-red poppies in the water of the square’s fountain or wear red or white poppies for peace on their lapels.

It also serves as a time for each of us to come to grips with today’s realities, of how we are going to stop evil, but manage to cease the carnage of sending our children to war.

On the closest Sunday to November 11, the whole country experiences Remembrance Sunday, in churches and gatherings throughout Britain, and this is when the Royal Family participates, too. This year, it was last Sunday.

The Cenotaph, in London, will have wreaths placed upon it today, as for the 91 years since World War 1, “the war to end all wars” stopped.

The American Embassy in London is closed, as it is Veterans Day in the United States of America, where Veterans of all foreign wars are honored.

Australia, Canada, Malta, New Zealand and South Africa are other Commonwealth nations which pay homage today, too.

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