Vancouver Olympic Torch Relay

M’inuw’ilum Si’em! Welcome, from the Quw’utsun’ First Nation* on whose lands Canada’s Olympic journey truly begins.

Today the Olympic flame is on its way from Greece to Victoria, Canada, then it heads north, finally to First Nation country, tomorrow.

Yes, the journey leading to the Opening Ceremony at the Winter Olympic Games 2010 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada has begun!

Tomorrow the Olympic Torch Relay will be on Vancouver Island in the beautiful Cowichan Valley, home of the Quw’utsun’ First Nation, makers of the spectacular, hand-knit, natural-colored fleece sweaters which are prized by people everywhere for their marvelous hand-work and pattern.

When you visit Cowichan Bay and Duncan, be sure to enjoy the fabulous coastal scenery, artists and visit the Quw’utsun’ First Nation Cultural Center in Duncan on Vancouver Island.

You can follow the progress of the Olympic Torch Relay at:
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I’ll be highlighting some of the stops along the way.

*(“Cow ut zun” is the preferred pronunciation by the Native Americans. It has been written by Anglos as “Cowichan”. We will only use it because you need to read the map, but British Columbia should return these place names, out of respect, to their proper original version. The process has begun in other countries e.g. Bombay returning to Mumbai and Beijing replacing Peking. It’s time!)

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