Tate Britain – Turner and Constable

At the Tate Britain art museum in London, you can see a prestigious exhibition until January 31, 2010, of the two original rival British artists, themselves. And, at the moment, you can also see the contenders for Britain’s most prestigious art award, The Turner Prize.

The shortlist of artists competing for the prize are:

  • Richard Wright (born: 1960 – Britain) Wright focuses on creating exquisite paintings using graphic imagery and intimate patterns, from a variety of sources. His main painting contains a great deal of red and gold leaf and its shimmering quality is quite ethereal.
  • Enrico David (born: 1966 – Italy) He’s a contemporary surrealist known for original and confrontational paintings as well as sculptures, such as his papier-mâché eggmen.
  • Roger Hiorns (born: 1974 – Britain) He takes an uncomplicated approach to art, and creates sculpture and installation pieces which explore chemical processes to spectacular effect. In this exhibition, he uses a pulverized aircraft engine’s metallic dust, reformed into a powerful, sculptural landscape.
  • Lucy Skaer (born: 1975 – Britain) Her work hovers in the space between recognition and ambiguity. Skaer creates drawings and sculptures rooted in reality, but subject to an elaborate transformation the more you view it. Indeed, you become part of the process. One of her striking pieces is a series of Brancusi-like sculptures in ‘flight’, but instead of being made of highly-polished metal, they are multiples made of reconstituted coal dust. She took 2 weeks to mount her exhibition. Her sensitivity to the environment she wishes to create is a major factor in her work.

    The Tate Britain is an exceptional choice for its wide-ranging collection.

    London – Tate Britain art museum

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